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Plan Your Golf Day

From my experience, many of the world's top tour players not only make great scores, they also have a fairly regular routine prior to competition days. This is in stark contrast to many club/amateur golfers who have high expectations on Saturday or weekday competitions.

On post-round analysis the great majority of these golfers had very poor or inadequate preparation plans. This simple, easy to follow guide outlines a six point strategy to enhance your golf performance on your golf day.

The Benefits of a “6 Step Plan” for Golfers
Most golfers will accept that their time management is very poor, which directly has an adverse affect on their scores. This usually means that golfers are undercooked at tee off time.

Managing your time will mean there is no "rush" to the golf course, reducing tension and anxiety levels which are essential for fluent and effective golf.

Followed by...
  • Step one – Before you leave home
    • Check the weather
    • Check your equipment
    • Stretches and exercises
  • Step two – On your way to the course
    • Car travel
    • Common problems when driving
    • Solutions
  • Step three – Arriving at the course
    • Common mistakes
      Common Mistakes
  • Step four – warming up on the range
  • Step five – During the round
  • Step six – Post round

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