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Your Back and Golf

Most golfers, at some time, will either suffer a back injury or will be restricted in playing golf due to Back or Neck Pain.

Good posture and spinal mobility are essential, not only to improve back swing and follow-through in golf, but will also help prevent spinal and musculo-skeletal injuries.

E.g. Disc lesions, Muscular strain, Joint Stiffness, etc.

Here is a simple self-test to see if your back is at risk when playing golf. See what you get out of twelve.

Causes of Back Pain Check List

  • Previous occupational and domestic injuries that are aggravated by golf.
    E.g. prolonged sitting in a car or at a desk, poor seating at home, gardening and/or poor lifting technique.
  • Prolonged bending in golf practice.
  • Prolonged practicing.
  • Excessive forceful movements during "follow-through stage" of the swing.
This introduction to 'Your Back and Golf' is followed by...
  • The remainder of the 'Causes of Back Pain' check list
  • Photos illustrating poor and correct posture techniques in golfing scenarios
    Poor Posture: Incorrect Technique
  • Exercises to help improve posture
    Strengthening your Back

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