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The Ankles and the Golfer

The Ankles and the Golfer


The feet have an integral role in good golf biomechanics {see "Get Fit For Golf Part I"}. Archibald outlined the essentials of foot function not only from an injury prevention point of view but also its relevance in the day to day functioning of the Golfer and their importance in swing technique.

It is therefore important to maintain and improve a Golfer's foot function principally by addressing the arches of the feet.

Anatomy of the Arches of the Feet

The arches of the feet are made up of muscles, ligaments and bones.

Benefits of good foot arches to the Golfer

  1. For supporting the Golfer's body weight, especially in prolonged standing, eg. putting practice.
  2. Intrinsic foot muscles contain joint receptors which are involved in "feel"
  3. Good arches will support the Golfer's body and give stability in the stance, especially at the end range of backswing and follow-through.
  4. Good arches and strong intrinsic foot muscles will allow the Golfer to maintain spine angle throughout the swing.
  5. The foot muscles are used to produce power in the golf swing, eg. pushing off with the front of the right foot, during the downswing.
  6. Good arches will promote good foot function when walking 6 - 8 km around the Golf course, preventing fatigue

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