The Golf Fitness System - Level 1

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Benefits of Good Aerobic Function to the Golfer

Benefits of Good Aerobic Function to the Golfer

1. Physiological

    1. Reduced anxiety as a result of improved feeling of wellbeing.
    2. Feeling less fatigued.
    3. Less stress as a result of improved feeling of wellbeing therefore less tight and tense under pressure on the golf course.
    4. Mental cognition enhanced as a result of improved oxygen delivery to the brain and improved exercise tolerance.

2. Musculoskeletal

    1. Improved muscle group efficiency {see muscle group function}
    2. Helps prevents golf related injuries.

3. Exercise Tolerance

    1. Improved exercise tolerance will allow the Golfer to play and practise for longer periods of time. As we get older this will allow us to continue participating and will also assist in reducing the risk of chronic disease in the Golfer
    2. Reduce the effect of substance abuse e.g. smoking
    3. Increase haemoglobin, which means increased oxygen intake to vital organs, e.g. brain, heart, lungs and the musculoskeletal system.

4. Reduced Obesity

    1. Weight loss will result in less stress on the joints of the Golfer. This
      loss of weight can result in improved joint mobility and turning in the
      Golfer's swing, which can lead to improved swing geometry and
      therefore an enhanced performance. Carrying less body weight will
      also reduce fatigue in the Golfer.


It should be noted that prior to a Golfer participating in a training program
to improve aerobic function, the Golfer should consider the following

  1. The Golfer's personal fitness.
  2. Golfer's current health status.
  3. Chronic health problems and injuries.
  4. Amount of impact involved e.g. running, jumping, steps, etc.
  5. The programs relevance to golf.
  6. Qualifications of the program provider.

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