The Golf Fitness System - Level 1

Questions and Answers

What are your Golf Credentials?

Consultant to Professional Golfer's Association of Australia, Australian and Victorian Institute of Sport Golf Units, Australian Golf Union, Women's Golf Victoria and Australasian PGA Tour.

For the last 8 years I have been involved with implementing Systems at "grass root level" working with juniors and club golfers.

Have you any other associated Relationships?

Yes. I am a external consultant to the British PGA and am in close contact with-The Scottish Institute of Sport, Scottish Golf Union, and English Golf Union.

Where is your Clinic and who does it service?

My Clinic is based in Melbourne Australia and is called the Melbourne Golf Injury Clinic.

We treat and service over 4000 Golfers from club players, elite amateurs, trainee professionals, club professionals to over 75 International tour players
Services also include Video analysis of postural problems and muscle imbalances in all golfers outlining physiological weaknesses that may cause technical problems in the golf swing of the individual golfer and which may lead to golf specific injuries.

Have you published and presented?

Yes, I am a regular writer for Golf magazine and Sports Australia Magazine and the Golfer newspaper.

I have also published and presented papers at the past two National PGA Coaching Summits in Australia.

I am also heavily involved in presenting the Professional development program around the States for PGA Australia.

In addition to this, I present and teach Physiotherapists, Medical Professionals and Golf Organisations in Europe and the USA on the Subject of Injury Prevention, Golf Screening and Fitness specific to Golf.

I have also written and published two books specifically designed for Physiotherapists/Physical Trainer/Golf Professional that are recognised and endorsed by the PGA Australia as Trainee textbooks "Get Fit For Golf Parts1&2".

What is the Golf Fitness System?

The Golf Fitness System CD Rom is a software package specifically designed for Physiotherapists/Physical Trainer/Golf Professional.

What are the benefits for the Physiotherapist/Physical Trainer/Golf Professional?

  1. The system contains over 300 "Golf Specific" exercises;
  2. It includes "Get Fit for Golf Books Parts 1 & 2" endorsed by PGA Australia and used as a PGA trainee text book;
  3. Physiotherapists are allowed to stamp their logos and details on each page for promotional and marketing purposes;
  4. By using the work sheets and the interactive information provided by the CD-ROM, Physiotherapist can be specific to Golfers rehabilitation programs and promote more effective golf specific outcomes;
  5. The printing out of work sheets will allow them to produce excellent packages for Golf sub-groups, eg, junior golf development, corporate golfers & club golfer;
  6. It includes the "12 physical requirements" of Golf that can be presented at workshops;
  7. There is information on Travel & Golf, Back & Golf, Golf Nutrition and Postural Exercises and much more;
  8. You can produces articles and pamphlets on Golf injury prevention and Golf Preparation to print out and use for marketing your organisation;
  9. It promotes GOOD DUTY OF CARE.

What are the components of the Golf Fitness Systems CD ROM?

The 12 Physical requirements  
  • Aerobic Fitness and Breathing and Golf
  • Muscles, Strength and Stretching and Golf
  • Joints and Golf
  • Posture and Golf
  • Trunks Pelvis Hips and Golf
  • The Spine, Back Neck Shoulders and Golf
  • Forearms, wrists hands and Golf
  • Ankles feet and Golf
  • Legs and Golf
  • Body Types and Golf
  • Muscle Balance and Muscle imbalance in Golf,
  • Exercises to break up putting, short game, bunker and long game practice

Long term Preparation:

  • Periodisation;
  • Musculo-skeletal screening;
  • Strength and Conditioning for Golfers
  • Medical Assessment for Golfers;
  • Drugs in Golf ;
  • Nutritional Assessment for Golfers: "Eat your way to better Golf";
  • Club fitting;
  • Break-up Stretches and Postural Exercises;
  • Workshops for Golfers
  • Massage for Golfers

Short Term Preparation:

  • Components of a Short term Plan;
  • Before you leave a Travel Survival Kit;
  • Postural Re-education and the Golfer;
  • Your Skin and Golf
  • Head Medicine;
  • Caring for your back while playing golf;
  • Wrist and hand care; Foot and shoe care;
  • When you leave;
  • Plane Travel; Hotel and Motel Advice;
  • Climatic changes;
  • Recognising Burn out


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