The Golf Fitness System - Level 2

Bar Pulldowns

Posture Bar Pull-down

Golf Specific Functional Tests and Drills

Upper & Middle Body Segment 2 - Drills Level 4

2.4 Posture Bar Pull-down

Benefits to the Golfer
  • This will get your spine and postural muscles into a good postural position & in turn will improve your body awareness in the address position when you are over your golf ball.
  • It will stretch tight muscles at the front of your body caused by fixed prolonged functional activities prior to arriving at the golf course, eg computer work, using a mobile phone, gardening or driving.
  • It will strengthen the postural muscles that are weakened by the above functional activities and are also necessary for good spinal position throughout the golf swing.
  • It will reduce the risk of spinal injuries and back pain as a result of prolonged bending and twisting in short and long game practice.
  • It will promote feel certain muscles fire in the address position. Eg. Latissimus dorsi / glutei, triceps and lower abdominals.
  • It will assist in strengthening postural muscles eg. Latissimus dorsi / glutei, lower abdominals.
  • Golfers can use it on the range or when traveling to maintain core stability.
  • It will assist in relieving left arm tension.
  • It works the opposing antagonistic muscles.
  • It encourages golf specific muscles working in the Upper Body Segment.
  • The golfer can feel where they are tight.
  • It re-addresses the muscle imbalances and postural deviations associated with intense golf.
  • The exercises reinforce and complement golf drills.
  • It assists in promoting injury prevention.


  • Prior to carrying out these exercises ensure that you work within a pain free range.
  • If you have a serious spinal, neck or shoulder injury, abdominal or hip condition contact your doctor or physiotherapist before commencing this exercise
  • Do not go to the next level until good form is achieved in other words zero out of four breakdowns.

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