The Golf Fitness System - Level 2

Reverse Pivot

Poor Golf Swing Patterns / Technical Breakdowns

Poor Technique - Middle and Lower Body Segment

11. The Pelvic Tilt with Left Hip Down & Right Hip Up

Common Physiological Problems
(Please note these are general findings and an individual assessment by a physiotherapist is strongly recommended)

  1. Reduced Muscle Strength and Postural Tone
    • Weak right Glutei
    • Weak right & left multifidus
    • Weak right & left Latissimus Dorsi ( right weaker then left)
    • Weak Transverse Abdominus
    • Weak Mid and Lower Trapezius
    • Weak Lower abdominals
  2. Reduce flexibility and an increase in Muscle Tension
    • Left Piriformis
    • Right & left hip flexors and rectus femoris
    • Right & left Thoracic paravertebrals
    • Right quadratus lumborum
  3. Reduced Mobility
    • Reduced extension & rotation in Lower Thoracic & Lumbar Spine;
    • Poor overall core, trunk and pelvic stability.

Coaches Description
(Please note these are general findings and an individual assessment by a golf coach is strongly recommended)

With having a pelvic tilt with left hip down and right hip up, several poor functional movements can occur in the golf swing

  1. This position can cause a reverse pivot;
  2. It restricts lumbar stability and lumbar rotation;
  3. This becomes a more upper body dominant swing;
  4. The right leg straightens & the left knee buckles.
Reverse Pivot - Pelvic Tilt

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