The Body and Golf

Body Types and the Golfer

Body Types and the Golfer


A topic of discussion that constantly arises in golfing circles is the relevance of body type and body shapes in relation to playing good golf.

As we are aware golfers such as Michael Campbell and Ian Woosnam are different from Robert Allenby and Tiger Woods and their body shapes and types are different from the likes of Greg Norman and Ernie Els.

These players are highly successful in golf, yet they are capable of achieving this success with differing body shapes and types.

Arguably the most popular publication on body shapes was carried out by Sheldon in the 1940's.

This categorised three body types. "Mesomorph, Ectomorph and Endomorph."

These three body types were further graded from 1-7 to describe the extent of the physique in these three categories.

It should be emphasised that these categories have been greatly affected over the past twenty years, due to migration, inter-multi racial relationships, diet and more emphasis on exercise and health awareness, world climatic changes and lifestyle changes.

In this chapter we will outline these three categories of body types and their relevance to golf performance.

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