The Body and Golf


Chapter 1

Posture and Kinetic Chain

    • Posture and the Golfer
    • Core Stability in the Golfer
    • Physical breakdowns that may affect posture in the golfer
    • Factors that will affect the golfers function as a result of poor posture
    • Kinetic Chain theory in Relation to the Golfer
    • Breakdown of Kinetic Chain in the Golfer

Chapter 2

Middle Body Segment

The Middle body segment consists of

    • Core Stability of the trunk region specific to golf.
    • Abdominal exercises for Golfers
    • Transverse abdominus and multifides in the Golfer
    • The benefits of good abdominal muscle group tome to the golfer
    • Additional core stabilisers specific to Golf
    • The Spine and Pelvis in Golf
    • The spinal positions and the Golfer
    • The Spine and the Golfer during swing phases
    • Spinal exercises for Golfers
    • The Pelvis, Hips and the Golfer
    • Summary of the Functional Analysis of the Trunk.

Chapter 3

Upper Body Segment

    • Recommendations
    • Pectoralis Major/Minor
    • Rotator Cuff Muscles
    • Trapezius Rhomboids and Serratus Anterior Muscle
    • Levator Scapulae and Upper Trapezius
    • Strengthening Mid and Lower Trapezius, Rhomboids and Seratus Anterior
    • Wrist and Hand stretches for Golfers
    • Triceps
    • Biceps
    • The Forearms and Wrists and Hands and the Golfer.

Chapter 4

The Lower Body Segment

    • Muscles of the Lower Body Segment
    • Muscles of the outside of the Leg
    • Muscles of Lower Leg
    • The Ankles and Feet
    • The Ankles and the Golfer
    • The Ankles and the Golf Technique
    • Balance and Ankle Exercises for Golfers
    • Foot Exercises for the Golfer

Chapter 5

Muscle Function and the Golfer

    • Muscle Group Function and the Golfer
    • Physical Requirements for Strength in the Golfer
    • Agonist and Antagonist Activity of Muscles in the Golfer
    • Muscle Group Stretch Reflex Function and the Golfer
    • Muscle Group Synergy and Firing in Relation to the Golfer
    • Muscle Synergy and Firing in Relation to Good Golf Bio-mechanics

Chapter 6

Joints and the Golfer

    • Types of Joints
    • Joint Loading and Over Loading
    • Joint Proprioception and the Golfer

Chapter 7

Body Types

    • Endomorph and golf
    • Ectomorph and golf
    • Mesomorph and golf

Summary Tests

Conclusion and Signing Off

Further Reading and Reference

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