The Body and Golf

Joint Function

Kinetic Chain

Kinetic chain theory in relation to golf
The easiest way of understanding kinetic chain in relation to the golfer is to realise that the body works in segments, and these segments should fire in sequence to promote efficient movement. The golfer's body can be broken down into three segments/components. The segments all work in unison and in sequence to produce a smooth and energy efficient swing.

The three segments are as follows:

Middle Body Segment
1. The Middle Body Segment
Good trunk and core muscle control (stability), good rotation throughout the joints of the spine and pelvis at all levels and good posture.

Lower Body Segment

2. The Lower Body Segment
Muscle groups - feet/legs/hips
Joints - hips/knees/ankles feet

Requiring good range of movement (see Joint chapter), good muscle function (see Muscle chapter), good stability and control at the knees and good rotation at the hips.

Upper Body Segment
3. The Upper Body Segment
Good upper body stability, good rotation and stability in upper spine and a smooth coordinated movement between the shoulders and arms.

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