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Lower Body: Hamstrings

Attachment and description:

Hamstrings are made up of three muscles:

  • biceps femoris,
  • semitendinosus,
  • semimembranosus

and are located on the back of the thigh attaching from the top of the femur to below the knee.

Their main function in the golfer are to

  1. Stabilise the pelvis and legs in the golf swing.
  2. Protect underlying structures, eg: knees, nerves etc.
  3. Help promote centrifugal power and distance in the golf swing.

Dysfunction of the hamstrings

  1. If the hamstrings get tight it can affect the pelvic tilt in the golfer
  2. Tight hamstrings can cause excessive knee bending throughout the golf swing and at address
  3. They can become over active and effect the use of the gluteii (buttock muscles)

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