The Body and Golf

Posture and the Golfer

Posture and the Golfer

Gravity and Centre of Gravity and Line of Gravity

In a symmetrical object the Centre of Gravity (COG) is located in the geometric centre of the object. In an asymmetrical object, the COG is located toward the heavier end about a point where the mass is distributed evenly. This point may be viewed as a 'balance point' as it is the point where the object could be theoretically balanced on one finger.

The action line/direction of the force of gravity is always, downward toward the centre of the earth. This is true regardless of where the object is placed in space. The gravity vector (Vector being a quantity with direction, point of application and magnitude) is known as the Line of Gravity (LOG).

The LOG shows the line at which gravity is acting on the object. The LOG may be visualised with a piece of string with a weight at one end- such as a plumb line with the string placed at the COG of the object/body. This gives information regarding the action LOG. As defined by Lugten et al.

The body in golf line of gravity is a line drawn behind the jaw, through the shoulder, through the sacro-iliac joints, through the hip joint and the arches of the feet. Any deviations in front or behind this line of gravity will cause postural deviations and affect swing plane. Please see the Applied Bio-mechanics Manual.

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