Training for Golf



Golf Specific Training and its Variation to Other Sports


    • Making a plan
    • Tactical; technical; physical; mental;
    • An annual plan for golf; summary

Chapter 2

Musculo-Skeletal Screening

    • A pro-active approach; What's stopping you article
    • Use of screening forms by PGA Trainees
    • Subjective Assessment
    • Screening Forms

Chapter 3

Stretching for Golfers

    • Do's and Don'ts of Stretching
    • Principles of massage
    • Self massage contra-indications
    • Principles of Hold /Relax techniques for golfers
    • Foam roller self massage techniques

Chapter 4

The Process of Strength and Conditioning for Golfers

    • A Strength and conditioning program for golfers
    • Do's and Don'ts of Strength and conditioning

The Use of Different Sporting Activities and Resistance Work to Develop a Strength and Conditioning Program Specific to Golf

    • 1st Protocol: Warming up and stretching
    • 2nd Protocol: Abdominal training and trunk stability training
    • 3rd Protocol: Heavy weights and building beach muscles
    • 4th Protocol: Running and aerobic work
    • 5th Protocol: Cycling
    • 6th Protocol: Swimming

Golf Specific Conditioning and Resistance Training

    • Pilates Based Posture Bar Exercises
    • Swiss Ball Postural Exercises

Chapter 5

Aerobic Function and the Golfer

    • Benefits of aerobic function to the golfer
    • Recommendations
    • Breathing Patterns and the Golfer

Chapter 6

Training Volumes

    • Training volumes specific to physical preparation
    • Practice Volumes - How hard should you work?
    • Stableford form
    • Weekly golf Preparation Menu
    • Self testing drill to break up practice 1-9
    • Recognising Burnout

Chapter 7

Training in Different Climates

    • Training for Winter Golf
    • Training for Summer Golf

Overall Summary Test

References and Further Reading

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