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The Pilates based Posture Bar work is designed to give golfers the following benefits:

  • Feel certain muscles fire in the address position. Eg. latissimus dorsi/ gluteii, lower back muscles, triceps and lower abdominal muscless
  • It will improve balance eg. One-legged exercises, one-legged positions.
  • It will assist in strengthening postural muscles eg. Latissimus dorsi/ gluteii, lower abdominal muscles
  • It will assist in producing lower spine rotation and assist in stabilising the lumbar region in the spine in the golf swing through rotation.
  • Golfers can use it on the range or when travelling to maintain core stability.
Pilates Based Posture Bar Exercise 1:

Please note that the rope should always be above head height at all times throughout these exercises.

Side View Exercise 1
Address position palms down, in an upright posture with your feet pointing directly forwards at all times. Slowly place your palms on the rod, and push down towards your knees. The Latissimus dorsi and lower abdominals should feel like they are working. Hold for 10-20 seconds depending on fatigue.
Posterior View Progression of exercise #1
Is to slowly elevate the arms to shoulder level ensuring the arms stay close to your trunk and the shoulder blades stay back directly on the rib cage wall.

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