Training for Golf

Strength and Conditioning

The Process of Strength and Conditioning for Golfers

2nd Protocol: Abdominal training and trunk stability training

The benefits to the golfer are

  • Prevent injury eg. back
  • Maintain good posture at address throughout the golf swing
  • Makes the golfer more aware of their core stability and center of gravity
  • These factors in turn will reduce compensatory movements in the golf swing

(For abdominal work See Pilates based posture bar exercise, swiss ball exercises and the Body in Golf Manual)

3rd Protocol: Heavy Weights and Building Beach Muscles

Building up the wrong muscles for golf

Common Mistakes
Many golf professionals will realise not only from personal experience but also from teaching pupils who have excessive muscle bulk. That excessive muscle hypertrophy can affect swing plane.

Heavy resistance exercises can cause this not only resulting in restriction of movement in the golfer's body but also causing imbalances in muscles that have to be balanced for weight transference. It will also affect the "golfer's feel".

Generally speaking golfers should not commence a strength and conditioning program without being screened by a physiotherapist and ensuring that they are able to maintain good posture and muscle balance.

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