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Golf BioDynamics

Golf BioDynamics

Golf BioDynamics uses the latest golf training and analysis system to provide the best possible biomechanical sport science support to golfers and their coaches.

The computer-aided system allows the movement patterns and swing trajectories of the golfer to be captured, analysed, and displayed on the monitor, real-time, using sensors attached to the body and animated 3D models.

Committed to the improvement of the individual's golf swing and developing an efficient technique, which places the body at minimal risk of injury, a comprehensive analysis highlights technical deficiencies and physical limitations that create the basis for coaching direction.

Committed to the improvement of the individual's golf swing

The system also incorporates a biofeedback training mode, a feature that allows the coach to define the boundaries of the intende movements during the swing, with movement outside triggering an audible tone (“beep”) to signal deviation from the desired motion, thereby accelerating skill learning and technical development.

3D Swing Analysis

Quantitative evaluation of:

  • Swing Dynamics
  • Coordination and Timing
  • Dynamic ROM (range of motion)
  • Injury Risk
  • Swing Consistency

Biofeedback Training

  • Audible tone triggered by the golfer's movements during the swing
  • Allows the coach to define the boundaries of intended swing paths
  • Kinaesthetic Feedback (real-time)
  • Accelerates the learning of the “feels” associated with technique change

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