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For Pilates for Golf please feel free to contact

David Grech
Level 1 APMA Trained Pilates Instructor / Dip H Sc Medical Massage

by e-mail at or Mobile 0417 554 294


The Pilates Method is one of the fastest growing exercise regimes in the world.

It is a body conditioning and postural alignment exercise program that tones and strengthens the abdominals and core muscles surrounding the spine. It also relaxes tense neck and shoulder muscles, increases flexibility and improves everyday posture.

The Pilates Method systematically addresses the entire body, initially focusing on strengthening the body's core muscles, creating a firm central support from which fluent and controlled movement of the limbs can occur.

The Pilates Method blends floor work with specialist equipment training, developing and exercising all muscles. This results in benefits including increased levels of fitness, strength, flexibility, balance and co-ordination.

The golf swing is a dynamic and athletic motion requiring excellent hand eye co-ordination, strength, flexibility and core control. All these major components are addressed at various levels by the Pilates Method.

Pilates works to find a person's most efficient comfortable movement patterns and then develop, stabilize, stretch and strengthen each of these.

At the Melbourne Golf Injury Clinic we tailor individual programs based on the musculo-skeletal screening process, and in consultation with your golf coach and the Clinic's team of physiotherapists, myotherapists and massage therapists. Our primary objective is to improve your fitness for golf and ultimately your golf.

What are the Benefits of Pilates for Golf?

  • Pilates For Golf is a low impact exercise routine making it suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels.
  • Pilates For Golf aids in the recovery from injury
  • Pilates For Golf emphasises precision, co-ordination and concentration , key components to good golf
  • Pilates For Golf increases Strength and Flexibility
  • Pilates For Golf increases Body and Postural awareness , essential to playing consistent golf.

How can I train?

  • Pilates sessions can be one on one or in small groups
  • Pilates home based programs are available and encouraged

Will it help you?

Absolutely! Pilates is not a quick fix exercise program but you will begin to notice the benefits from our ten session program within one to two weeks. You will notice changes to your posture, flexibility and core strength and in the way your body moves.

Our Pilates For Golf program is customized to meet your individual needs!


“I feel I am the most flexible I have been in over 25 years.”
John Crozier, Director, Golf Club Properties Limited.

“Pilates has given me a greater sense of my golf swing and the awareness of the positions I needed, to play more consistently.”
Peter Wilson, Australian & Canadian Tour Professional.

“Pilates has caused my body to function the way I wanted it to function within my golf swing.”
Martyn Andrews, PGA Professional.

“Pilates has given me strength and co-ordination within my body and a greater awareness of how to use my abdominals. I have found I am hitting the ball longer and more consistently .”
- Pam Ryan 34 handicap middle aged golfer

Pilates For Golf is recommended for anybody serious about their golf !

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