Golf Specific Exercises

Sample Exercise

Function Block: Flexibility / Mobility

Segment: Upper Body Segment

Region: Thoracic

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Exercise Description:

  • In standing, place spikey ball behind upper back.
  • Maintain the neck and spine in the neutral position.
  • Keep knees bent, with fingers interlocking fingers above head.
  • Suck in your lower abdomen and tuck in your chin.
  • Slowly bounce on the wall for at least 15 seconds.

Benefits to Golfer:

  • Improves rounded posture in golfers.
  • Takes pressure off neck during and after putting practice.
  • Opens up shoulder blades, relaxes shoulders.
  • Increases mobility at neck and thoracic, reducing tension in those regions.
  • Improves neck and thoracic posture in the golf swing.
  • Strengthens muscles at the back of shoulder.

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