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Jim McLean

Golf Coach


Jum McLean is a Consultant in the area of Professional Development for the PGA of America.

Jim is famous for his physiological paper "The X-Factor". Jim has many golf schools in the United States, and has a sound understanding of golf physiology.

Jim has worked with many of the US Tour players including Brad Faxon and Tom Kite.

Caroline Creager



Caroline is an expert in the use of the swiss ball, foam roller and theraband exercises, all used internationally in the golf community.

Caroline Corning Creager, P.T., is an award-winning author and an internationally recognized speaker on core strengthening and dynamic stabilization exercises.

Caroline is the C.E.O. of Executive Physical Therapy, Inc. in Colorado, U.S.A., and author of six books:

  1. Bounce Back Into Shape After Baby,
  2. Therapeutic Exercises Using the Swiss Ball,
  3. Therapeutic Exercises Using Foam Rollers,
  4. Therapeutic Exercises Using Resistive Bands,
  5. Caroline Creager's Airobic Ball Stretching Workout, and
  6. Caroline Creager's Airobic Ball Strengthening Workout.

She has written or been featured in numerous articles in:

  • Men's Health,
  • Cooking Light,
  • Baby Steps,
  • Canadian Flare Pregnancy,
  • South African Physioforum,
  • Japanese Fitness,
  • Idea Personal Trainer,
  • Advance for Physical Therapists,
  • Advance for Nurses,
  • WorldWideSpine, and
  • has been a guest speaker for local news stations and the nationally televised, "America's Talking: Alive and Wellness", and for the Rehabilitation Training Network.

Caroline has been providing cutting-edge information to the fitness and healthcare industry for more than a decade. Her goal is to provide the golf enthusiast, golf pro, fitness specialist, and health care professional with fun-filled stabilization exercises to be integrated into their golf, clinical, work, gym, and/or home exercise programs.

"I also specialize in Women's Health issues for the female golfer. Women are four times more likely to experience piriformis syndrome (pain and tightness in the buttock region), and new mothers are much more likely to have weak abdominal, back, and pelvic floor muscles.

I teach women core strengthening and dynamic stabilization exercises to improve their strength and posture. Once a woman is stable in the thoracic (upper back) and lumbar (lower back) it improves her ability to rotate during the backswing and follow-through, which decreases the stress in the lumbar spine and pelvic floor."

To learn more about Caroline Creager's continuing education classes, Bounce Back Into Shape After Baby, Therapeutic Exercises Using the Swiss Ball, and other books, please visit her website:

Frankly Consulting

Frankly Consulting

Frankly Consulting is a consulting company with a network of international affiliates specializing in various areas of golf.

It is headed by Frank Thomas, who was USGA Technical Director for 27 years.

The mission of this US based company is to encourage and make use of good sound research for the advancement of the game of golf in all areas.

Find out more by visiting

David J. Wurzer

PGA Certified Teaching Professional and Director of Instruction at Westridge Golf Club

David J. Wurzer


Westridge Golf Club
1400 South La Habra Hills Drive
La Habra, CA 90631

Phone: (310) 200-3125
Voice/Fax: (562) 596-9823

  • David has a Doctoral Degree in Sport Science with specialties in pedagogy (science and the art of teaching and coaching and sport psychology/mental training).
  • David is a Certified GolfPsych Instructor. He provides JC Video and V1 computer video instruction with audio, graphics and slow motion analysis recorded on tape for the student.
  • David has provided instructional segments to USA Today and The Golf Channel.
  • David is an exceptional student, teacher and coach of the great game of golf.

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