Golf Specific Profiling


  • To screen the posture muscle imbalances and body sequencing specific to you.
  • Integrate your body mechanics with your specific swing pattern .
  • Identify physical limitations in your golf swing and your body on an individual basis.
  • To test whether your performance limitations are technical or physical.
  • Provide a proactive therapy to prevent golf injuries and prolong your participation and longevity in golf.

Golf Specific Process

  • This is a full video analysis of your posture and body in sequencing relative to golf.
  • A full musculoskeletal assessment is performed identifying weak links and risk areas in your body that may be detrimental to your golf.
  • Physiotherapy techniques massage, mobilisation to enhance golf function will be used.
  • Golf specific exercise prescription will be given.
  • A takeaway golf exercise manual, a Get Fit for Golf training CD Rom and your postural assessment and golf specific exercises on video.
  • Pre & Post Round Physical Preparation and Recovery Strategies as well as travel advice to maintain peak performance on tour.

Time allocated

  • 1 hour or 2-3 hours can be given for the serious golfer

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