What's Stopping You?

Common Physiological Weaknesses in a
PGA Professional's Screening

We're all chasing that utopian golf swing. Higher hands, better quality turn and stronger base are just some of the goals your coach may have you focussing on to improve your game.

However, quite often you may discover a lack of necessary strength and flexibility to reach the textbook positions required for what you'd envisage the perfect swing.

Such is the evolution of golf teaching that the coaches of the future (that being the PGA of Australia's trainees) are learning about a process called body screening.

As golf teachers they are being taught to become novice physios. You see what may be stopping many of you reaching certain technical goals is a physical obstacle or postural mal-alignment. Therefore your body forces compensations which may be detrimental to your golf swing.

The most common of these abnormalities, outline following are

Modern trainees are being taught not to focus on your golf swing but look at your body and recognise these obstacles being created by your own body. On the following pages we have outlined the six areas where common problems can occur and they can occur in anyone.

On the following pages, with these problems is Australian PGA Trainees, playing off scratch. The good news is that most are reversible using some simple exercises. So its time you looked at problems obstructing your potential.

The Trainee is Ritchie Smith.

The Professional is Mark Holland, Head Coach at the Australian Institute of Sport Golfing Program.

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