Sally Girvan

Sally Girvan
Accredited Practising Dietitian
BSc (Hons) Dip Nut & Diet.

5 Walker Crt
Viewbank 3084

+61 3 9458 1774

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Dear Golfer,

I have been a sports dietitian for nearly 10 years. My main area of interest has been consulting with amateur and professional golfers at the social and the elite level to help them improve their diet on and off the course to maximise their full golfing potential.

I have consulted to many golfing associations to provided dietetic services in the form of individual consultations and group workshops on nutrition in sport including the Australian Institute of Sport, Professional Golfers Association, Women's Golf Australia, Women's Golf Victoria.

Good nutrition is now recognised as an important part of the preparation for anyone serious about his or her golf.

Golfers can now, like all other athletes, gain the benefits of the science of sports nutrition to improve their performance.

A healthy diet will not make a great golfer out of an average one, but it will help you maximize the skills you do have.

During a round of golf you have to maintain your concentration over 3 to 5 hours, you also have to walk 8 to 10kms. During a tournament you may have to do this twice a day and day after day.

Fatigue, physical and mental are the enemies of all golfers. I can help you minimize fatigue by ensuring adequate hydration status and energy levels throughout the round.

Maintaining your physical and mental energy levels for the whole tournament can mean the difference between winning and losing

Because golfers play year round, they need to follow a healthy eating regime (Training Diet) all year round to maximize their full potential with some time off for good behaviour. If you watch what you eat for at least 85% of the time you will be doing your health and your game a big favour.

The services I can provide are: -

  • Computer Analysis of you “5 Day Food Diary” to assess the adequacy of your normal diet and provide a report with suggestions for improvement if required.
  • Individual Eating Plan based on your typical eating pattern to improve your general health and wellbeing; this can only improve your game.
  • Competition Diet guidelines to maximize your full potential on the golf course, helping avoid the fatigue and loss of concentration that can make the difference to your score card
  • Hydration on the golf course, dehydration of only 2% can reduce your performance by up to 5%,
  • Weight loss program if required, excess weight is not only bad for your health it greatly increases your risk of injury on the course
  • “Bulking Up” program if required to increase muscle mass and strength
  • Travel & Nutrition Planning extremely important for those golfers on the tour
  • Consultation, Computer Analysis and Review Assessment via email. If you don't have time for appointments dietary consultation can now occur via email

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